5 Things ALA Students Say

5 Things ALA Students Say.

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Madiba! Good ni…

Madiba! Good night. Sleep tight. You fought and won a good fight. You make me proud to be African. Please, from up there, if you could, talk to our Nigerian leaders while they sleep and make them see the light. Let them see how the world all over will speak of you today and forever and let them desire that more than they crave wealth and power. Oh, if only they could want to emulate you! An African Legend….no, a World Legend. A man who chose to stand for his fellow men and women rather than stomp all over them.

Dear Africa, Dear World, I am so sorry for your loss.

(c) Salt, December 2013

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Salt Paraphrasi…

Salt Paraphrasing a John Rohn Quote (as read on Born2BBeautiful’s blog):

If you don’t like some aspects of your life. For the love of all things bright and beautiful, change them!
After all, you are not a tree.

(c) Salt, November 2013

Still laughing at this quote….It’s so funny yet so ‘telling’. I actually feel sorry for trees now. Just standing there unable to lose that extra 5 kg round its trunk area, end that toxic relationship with that pesky bird, change location by itself, renew its mind, press the delete button when negative thought pop up and my list could go on. 

PapaGod, I love trees but thank you for not making me one. I am human and I can change! Yes, I can! 

*still laughing* Poor trees!


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Salt on Revenge…

Salt on Revenge
Give it up. Getting even is so last century. Turn the other cheek. Trust me. God slaps much harder than you ever could

(c) Salt, November 2013

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A Salt Quote: D…

A Salt Quote: Do not take your guidance from the world’s frown.
Nor from its smile.
Be Free. Take your guidance from God alone.
Unlike the world, His frown and His smile
Both find root in His Love.

(c) Salt, November 2013.

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Sometimes the d…

Sometimes the darkness is not from without. It’s from within. Flick the switch, Illuminate your insides and stun yourself with your own light (c) Salt,  November 2013

I was on my hospital bed trying hard to figure out what to do with the saliva in my mouth. Tell me when last did you thank God for not having to give saliva a second thought? Anyway, there I was trying not to gag on my own juices wondering how this five star hospital could have no power and two broken down generators. I was also praying no one was in surgery. Then I began to wonder how come it was taking so long for my air-conditioning to come back on and then I went back to lying there in the dark wondering if I should spit or try to swallow my own saliva.

Then the door to my room opened as and it dawned on me. Power had been back ages ago. The switches in my room were just off.

Don’t ask but that is what inspired the quote above. Blame it on the sickness.

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If you think yo…

If you think you are too small to be effective then you have never been in bed alone with a mosquito – Patty Reese

I love it when truths so profound come in such simple words.

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Salt to Self (t…

Salt to Self (today at work): I feel so confused….but no, no, I am not confused because God has not given me confusion. He has given me His spirit and it is power, it is love and it is sound. So, I repeat, I am not confused.

(My colleague, Tari had a good laugh but I think she is getting used to me talking to myself like this……Thank God for scripture that bubbles up when you need….)

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God to Salt: Ch…

God to Salt: Christ went to the Cross. It was wrong. It was not fair. But being obedient, He went. For You. Meekly.
Can you find it in you, just a little, to remember this when you feel wronged and treated unfairly?
After all, you do so want to be like Jesus Christ, right?

Salt to God: *thinking of my airport rant* Ouch! Yes PapaGod, meek I shall strive to be. With your help.

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I am a very sim…

I am a very simple person. People who really know me can confirm this. I always say I like things broken down for me like I was 2 years old. But I know wisdom when I see it. This statement is wise and it is sort of what guides all I do and is really the thinking behind the NaijaSistas:

If you want to go FAST, go alone
If you want to go FAR, go with somebody.

God has sent me FAR and he knows I cannot go alone so he continues to plant people-pillars around me to help me. I feel so blessed to understand the power of SISTA-COLLABORATION. I pray many more ‘catch’ the revelation. To all my sista-pillars, old and new ( I really hope you know who you are), God bless you! I love you but trust me, God loves you way more
(c) Salt, September 2013

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